Terms & Conditions:

We want your function to be fun so please see the below guidelines, so everyone knows what’s expected and what is and isn’t acceptable.

When making a booking with Chase Strippers, you agree to the following terms & conditions

As the person responsible for the booking with Chase Strippers, it is your responsibility to make your guests aware of the rules.


  1. A deposit is required to confirm your booking. As soon as the deposit is received, the booking is deemed confirmed. Deposits are non-refundable.
  2. Before the waitresses/performer(s) arrive.Make sure there is a clean and clear area large enough for the girl/s to perform. The waitresses/performer(s) only perform inside, not in outdoor areas unless the outside area is covered (such as a patio) and prior notice has been given. Performer will not perform on grass or unstable flooring at any time.
  3. You must pay the waitresses/performer(s) within 5min of arrival in cash. Please make sure that all outstanding monies are ready to give to the girl/s as soon as they arrive as they will not start their shift until they have received payment. If you take undue time in paying the waitresses/performer(s), the time will come out of your booking
  4. Please make sure the waitresses/performer(s) are treated respectfully. No abuse, No yelling at the waitresses/performer(s), No insulting the waitresses/performer(s), No throwing objects at the waitresses/performer(s). No grabbing of the waitresses/performer(s), it is their right to leave immediately (no money refunded) if any of the above occur.
  5. There is no touching or grabbing allowed. If the waitresses / performer(s) feels unsafe or get touched/grabbed, it is their right to leave immediately (no money refunded).
  6. Any audience participation, including touching, during a show, is at the sole discretion of our performers and is not guaranteed. Our performer may allow guided touching i.e. Thighs, buttocks, chest or breasts. This choice is up to the individual performer and you may only touch the areas the performer directs you to touch during the entertainment.
  7. Photos or recording is not allowed in any circumstance. If a guest requests appropriately, they might pose for a few photos not showing their faces. This is up to the discretion of each individual waitress/performer. If a guest commences taking photos of the waitresses/performer(s) without consent, they have the right to leave immediately (no money refunded).
  8. We reserve the right to seek liquidated damages of up to $1000 with the booking client for any photos/videos/abuse.
  9. If you or a guest is caught recording video footage, or taking photos, Chase Strippers reserves the right to seek liquidated damages from the booking client of up to $500
  10. If a waitresses/performer(s) is inappropriately touched or abused, Chase Strippers reserves the right to seek liquidated damages from the booking client of up to $1000.
  11. Waitresses are hired to do the following services, that consists of serving you drinks, mingle and have fun with the guests. If you require a waitress that is happy to upgrade to lap dances then please specify this when making initial enquires and we will endeavour to match you with appropriate waitress.
  12. All of our services are non-sexual. Providing sexual services though an agency is illegal in mainly states of Australia. Additionally, our waitresses/performer(s) are not escorts nor do they wish to be. Please refrain from asking as refusal often offends.
  13. If you book escorting services from somewhere else to be performed whilst our waitresses/performer(s) are booked for your event, our waitresses/performer(s) will leave and all money will be forfeited. Our waitresses/performer(s) are not comfortable working alongside escorts, because apart from possible legal ramifications, waitresses/performer(s) have reported being pressured to perform the same services. Adult Entertainment and Escort Services are different services and should not be mixed.
  14. Everything that does not suit the job description, waitresses/performer(s) have the right to say no.
  15. It is your responsibility to provide the correct address/location. If it’s difficult to find, or you would prefer to meet the waitresses/performer(s) at an easier location and help them please let us know at time of booking.
  16. No persons under 18 years of age are to be in attendance. As the organiser, it is your responsibility to be aware of your guest’s ages. Bookings that involve topless or nude waitressing or a strip show, our waitresses/performer(s) will ask to see ID if a guest is suspected of being under 18. If underage, the guest must leave, or the waitresses/performer(s) will leave and no refunds will be given.
  17. We do provide entertainment for all audiences over the age of 18 however it is your responsibility to inform Chase Strippers at the time of making the booking the details of your event and potential audience.
  18. You are required to provide the waitresses/performer(s) with a private area to get changed or leave their belongings whilst completing the function/booking.
  19. Waitresses/performer(s) are only available for group bookings. We do not supply waitresses/performer(s) for one on one bookings.
  20. During colder months we require that all events are held indoors and you have adequate heating setup.
  21. If you are holding your function at a campsite/garage or outside, please provide adequate heating for the waitresses/performer(s) if they are working in cold weather. If you do not provide adequate heating the waitresses are advised to wear jackets to keep warm that will just show the front half.
  22. Chase strippers acts as booking agent between you and the waitresses/performer(s). The waitresses/performer(s) are independent contractors and are responsible for their own insurances and actions. Chase Strippers accepts no liability or responsibility for the actions of the contractor. Any damage or injury to any persons or property by the contractor is between you and the contractor.
  23. If the rules are broken by you or your guests during the booking the waitresses/performer(s) reserve the right to leave and ALL monies will be forfeited.

Cancellation Policy: 

  1. Cancellation: Deposit is non-refundable. In case of a cancellation by the client we won’t be refunding your deposit as it will go towards a cancellation fee to the waitresses/performer(s).
  2. COVID-19 Policy: If your Function / Event has to be cancelled due to lockdown. Your deposit will be held as a credit for future bookings.
  3. Time change of the event is acceptable, however in this case waitresses/performer(s) are subject to availability. No guarantee waitresses/performer(s) that you have chosen will be available for the new time slot.  Alternative waitresses/performer(s) will be presented for selection.
  4. Date change of the event is acceptable; however, it needs to be informed 7 days before the event to give waitresses/performer(s) chance to find a job replacement. In this case waitresses/performer(s) are subject to availability. No guarantee waitresses/performer(s) that you have chosen will be available for the changed date.  Alternative waitresses/performer(s) will be presented for selection.  If event date changed with less than 7 days’ notice then a cancellation fee will be charged of $50 dollars each waitresses/performer(s).
  5. Location change of the event is acceptable, however in this case waitresses/performer(s) are subject to availability. No guarantee waitresses/performer(s) that you have chosen will be available for the new address. Alternative waitresses/performer(s) will be presented for selection. (Travel fees may apply)
  6. It’s your responsibility to check that any booked venue/accommodation is suitable and does not forbid your event type or this type of entertainment being performed on their premises. No refunds if your venue/accommodation cancels. 
  7. In case of a cancellation the client will need to pay a cancellation fee of $100 per performer.

Waitresses / Performers cancellation:

  1. We act in good faith at all times, and we book the waitresses/performer(s) you choose for your event, but we cannot 100% guarantee those entertainers. If the waitresses/performer(s) for any reason cannot make it to the event, alternative options will be given for a new selection. If none of the waitresses/performer(s) presented for the new selection is suitable for the client. then the deposit amount equivalent to book that specific waitresses/performer(s) will be refunded. The good news is that 99% of all bookings end up with their choices.
  2. In case of a last-minute incident that results to a no show by the waitresses/performer(s) and we cannot find a last-minute replacement. the deposit amount equivalent to book that specific waitresses/performer(s) will be refunded.
  3. In case of waitresses/performer(s) showing up and the contact numbers given are incorrect or phones switched off or in case of the address for the function has been given incorrect, 15 minutes after the original start time will be given for the clients to reach the agency. If no contact by the client waitresses/performer(s) will be sent away and deposit will not be refunded. waitresses/performer(s) will always call when they arrived, time of start count when they arrive at the function, they usually arrive a few minutes before to get changed. In case of letting the waitresses/performer(s) wait at the lobby/reception/wharf or outside, the time of start will count from the time they have been booked for.
  4. We do our best to leave enough time in-between bookings to travel to the next booking, however public events, road closures, roadworks, finding parking, etc can impact on waitresses/performer(s) ability to arrive on time at your booking. A delay of 30-45min towards the end of the night can be common for entertainers whom have many bookings.
  5. If waitresses/performer(s) is running late, the time will start when they have arrived, so they will make up for the time. In case they cannot stay longer than the original finish time for any reason the amount equivalent to the time booked and not accomplished will be refunded to you by the waitresses/performer(s). Please call the agency if that happens so we can make sure of the refund. If agency has not been contacted about it immediately, we cannot refund you afterwards.

    Please contact Chase Strippers for further clarification should you require.

    Email: info@chaseentertainment.com.au
    Phone: 0432 453 700

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