Planning a Bucks Party in Melbourne during Winter

Planning a bucks party, also known as a bachelor party, in winter can be a fun and memorable experience. Here are some steps to help you plan a bucks party with Chase Entertainment during the winter season:

Choose a Suitable Venue:
Consider indoor venues that can accommodate your group size and offer activities that align with the groom’s interests. Options may include a private room in a restaurant or bar, a rented cabin or chalet, a gaming centre, a sports arena, or a bowling alley. To make your venue even more lively, our selection of tasty and entertaining topless waitresses will be the icing on top of the cake.

Date and Time:
Consult with the groom and other important guests to find a date and time that works for everyone. Consider weekends or public holidays when people are more likely to be available. When using a weekend with a public holiday following, you’re giving everyone an extra day to recover after the festivities!

What is the Budget:
Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the party and allocate funds for various aspects, such as venue rental, food and drinks, activities, transportation, and any surprises you have planned – such as a strip show with one of our amazing female strippers. At Chase, we work with all budgets and will work with you to ensure you have a memorable night.

What Activities Does the Groom Enjoy?:
Think about activities that the groom would enjoy. Some popular options for winter bucks parties include:

How do you Hire Entertainment for a Bucks Party?
Hiring entertainment, such as female strippers, topless waitressesfemale poker dealers or even a fatagram is such an easy and simple process with Chase Entertainment. All we need to know is the date, time, and venue – we organise everything else! You will receive a selection of our sexy talent available and all you have to do is choose.

Organise Transportation:
Arrange transportation to and from the venue if necessary, especially if it’s located outside of the city or if you plan to visit multiple locations. Consider hiring a party bus or limousine for added convenience and fun – we can also do this for you! We have experienced bucks party planners and will make sure you are well looked after.

Food and Drinks:
We can coordinate your food and drink options that suit your preferences and budget. You can choose from catering services, a set menu, or a designated area for food and drink orders.

Plan a Surprise!:
If you want to make the event extra special, consider planning surprises for the groom. This could include arranging a surprise guest or show – Chase has premium talent to ensure your Bucks party is a night to remember. A fatagram is a widely popular option for a bucks party and they are good fun!

If the Bucks party is a weekend getaway, we can make arrangements for accommodation well in advance. We have you covered with our many partners throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Remember, Chase Entertainment can plan your time entire bucks party experience whether it’s in Melbourne or regional Victoria. Not only do we provide talent, but we are also experienced in organising fun and memorable bucks parties.

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